Sukan Malaysia 2024 Futsal Selection

Sukan Malaysia 2024 Futsal Selection

Kuantan, November 13 – Pahang Rangers recently organised a futsal selection for Sukan Malaysia 2024 in Kuantan and Mentakab.

In Kuantan, about 140 participants were carefully observed. The goal was to identify talented individuals who could represent and make Pahang proud.

While in Mentakab, 60 players took part.

The coaching team, comprising Coach Norkhairie, Coach Gerard, Coach Iqbal, Coach Rahimi and assisted by Afiq Abdulrahman, who is also the goalkeeper for Pahang Rangers, played a crucial role in evaluating and selecting players for the team.

Eligibility was opened to all male players aged 16 to 20 years old.

Pahang Rangers is truly committed to supporting local talents and in making sure a strong team represents Pahang in Sukma 2024.