Pahang Rangers Academy Concludes Successful Training Session for 2023

Pahang Rangers Academy Concludes Successful Training Session for 2023

Kuantan, November 30 – Pahang Rangers Academy, has concluded its training session for the year 2023. The academy, which consists of three age categories – Under 10, Under 12, and Under 15 – held a total of nine friendly matches throughout the year.

The Under 10 category focused on cultivating the sportsmanship and sports life of the kids. The coaches emphasized the importance of friendship and connections, as well as basic techniques of futsal such as passing, shooting, dribbling, and ball-filling.

Additionally, the Under 12 category focused more on technical and tactical development. The coaches worked on improving the players’ individual skills, as well as their ability to work together as a team.

Meanwhile, the Under 15 category focused on physical development, technical and advanced tactical development, as well as psychological sports. The coaches wanted to ensure that the players were physically and mentally prepared for the challenges of competitive futsal.

Coach Rahmad, who coaches the Under 10 category, said that he emphasized the fun element in training, but he also instilled the basics of futsal tactics in sports. He said that the purpose behind the emphasis on fun was to avoid any “dropout” occurrence among the kids.

“We want the kids to enjoy playing futsal, and we believe that if they enjoy it, they will be more likely to stick with it,” said Coach Rahmad. “We also want to instill the basics of futsal tactics in sports, so that the kids are prepared for competitive futsal.”

The Pahang Rangers Academy coaches were pleased with the progress of the players throughout the year. They believe that the players have developed their skills and knowledge of futsal.

The academy is looking forward to the 2024 season, and they are confident that the players will be ready to compete at a higher level. They are also planning to expand the academy to include more girls among the trainees.

The Pahang Rangers Academy is committed to providing quality futsal training to the youth of Pahang.